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BurlsLocated near Gosford on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Merv Bailey of OzTimber Treasures specialises in burl bowls, clocks and lamps made from Australian native burls plus a variety of items made from the Australian Banksia and other Australian native timbers.

After roughing out the burl and many hours of sanding, the burl products are coated with a clear lacquer to ensure the items retain their natural colours – no oils are used in the making of our burl products. They can be wiped clean with a dry cloth and must not be immersed in water.

All burl items made by Merv Bailey are authenticated with his signature, type of burl and country of origin.
For example: M Bailey - Mallee Burl - Australia

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The burl items include:

  • Burl bowls
  • Burl clocks
  • Burl lamps
  • Burl vases
  • Burl mirrors
  • Burl tables
  • Burl boxes
  • Burl slabs for bonsai

Banksia items include:

  • Fragrance Pots
  • Cork Stoppers
  • Vases
  • Key Rings
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Eggs
  • Note Holders
  • Candlesticks

What is a Burl?

It’s not known exactly how burls are formed but the general belief is that they develop after damage to trees by parasites.

After years of growth, the burls form as textured lumps on the outside of the trees. Although they can be removed without damage to the trees, the majority of the burls used by OzTimber Treasures are taken from dead trees.

Burls are unique and because of their formation, they display unusual textures, patterns and colours when worked by a skilled craftsperson.

Of particular interest are the burls formed on River Red Gum, Mallee and Coolibah trees as the wood is often a deep burgundy colour with extensive cream patterns.